SEO Hosting Reviews - (2023)

I'd like to tell you all about, or Smart SEO Hosting, a service that uses AI for SEO hosting and packs some powerful SEO tools. It's great for businesses of all sizes and kinds, helping them get seen online more easily. has a ton of different IPs - 78 A Class, 130 B Class, and 600 C Class IPs! They're all over the place, in 120 data centers worldwide. That's fantastic for SEO because you can spread out your domains over these IPs without leaving any trace, which is great for your search engine rank. You can read more about their IP range here.

They have SEO hosting options like PBN and organic SEO hosting with no trace left behind and manage IPs from over 100 providers. Plus, setting up your website across all these IPs is easy with their automated cPanel. For more info about their hosting services, click here.

Something awesome is their AI-powered content and security features. With the help of OpenAI's GPT-4, you can get articles in 25 languages, plus features from SmartSEO.AI. They offer free credits every month and AI tools to create fresh and unique content. Every single one of your domains gets its own SSL forever, which is terrific for security and trusts. To read more details about this, check here, here, and here.

They're also ahead of the game with IPv6 SEO hosting, offering something most others don't have. Your site can look just as high-tech as big corporations and rank higher in the search engines. They use various prefixes and support to make this happen. Here's where you can find more on this: IPv6 SEO hosting.

Their prices are pretty good, with the lowest C-Class SEO hosting going for $1.72 per IP. You can grab more advanced IPs at different prices, all with SSD storage and a control panel to manage everything. They've got you covered no matter your budget. The details are right here.

Get this – they even offer Google Hosting, where you get to use IPs owned by Google! Starting at $2.59 for a C-Class IP, this can make a huge difference to how you rank on search engines. Dive into the benefits of Google Hosting here.

In terms of keeping your site safe, has solid solutions like servers protected against DDoS attacks, and they block common threats like brute-force attacks on WordPress. They constantly check to make sure your files are clean, meaning less worry for you. You can read more about their network security here.

They support the latest in network tech with HTTP/2, and if that seems too new, they'll switch you back to the old HTTP/1.1. HTTP/2 was developed by Google devs, and it's the first big update in 15 years! Definitely good news for your site's speed and SEO. Catch more on this here.

Customer opinions on sites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and suggest that people are pretty happy with, though some think there might be areas to get even better. You can see for yourself what they think on Trustpilot here, here, and Sitejabber here.

I'd say deserves a 5-star rating for the complete package they offer for SEO hosting. The mix of great technology, security features, helpful customer service, and unique options makes them stand out.

SEO Hosting Reviews - (2023)


  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Largest Class-A IP Range
  • Largets Class-B IP Range
  • cPanel
  • IPv6 SEO Hosting
  • AI Content
  • Free SSL
  • Chat and Phone Support


  • Only 600 Class-C IP Range
  • Only 2 weeks money back guarantee


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