SEO Hosting Reviews - (2023)

We've had a chance to check out, and they specialize in web hosting that helps websites rank better in search engines. They really pay attention to designing their hosting plans and features to support different ways of improving website rankings.

They offer lots of different IP addresses – over 800 in the USA, 500 in the EU, and more than 1300 Class C IPs. That's great for people who want to spread their website across various places, to help their website performance in searches.

Their hosting plans vary and they seem to be made to fit different budgets and needs. Small businesses and bigger companies can all find something. They have Class C SEO hosting that starts at only $3 a month, Class A SEO hosting for $7 a month, VPS hosting at $40 a month, and dedicated servers at $199 a month. is also really handy for those who use WordPress because they make it simple to set WordPress up and manage several websites all at once. Since lots of people use WordPress for their websites, having hosting that works well with it is a big plus.

We like that customers can fine-tune their hosting plans and control all their websites from one place. It makes things way easier. Plus, every domain gets its own private nameservers which adds to the features you can tweak to your liking.

They say they have support available all the time, every day of the year, and they promise that websites hosted with them will almost always be up and running. They even do backups. All these things are really important because if your website is down, it can hurt your business.

People generally seem happy with – there's lots of good things said about their service and the staff. Happy customers are a sign a company is doing things right.

They also have a money-back guarantee for 30 days which proves they believe in what they're doing. It's reassuring if you're unsure about using their service.

However, some people have mentioned issues, like the website not always being available as much as the company says it will be​ Citation. For example, even though the dedicated servers offer lots of power, they're not cheap which might be a problem for smaller budgets​ Citation. If you like using the Plesk control panel, you might be disappointed because they don't have it​ Citation. Some people are also not happy with the customer service, saying it's not as good as it could be​ Citation Citation.


  1. Dedicated Class-C and Class-A IPs: offers dedicated Class-C and Class-A hosting servers, beneficial for SEO purposes​ Citation​.
  2. Affordable Solutions: The hosting plans are considered affordable, providing cost-effective options for customers​ Citation​.
  3. Free Migration Support: The company provides free migration support, assisting clients transitioning from other hosting providers​ Citation​.
  4. 24-Hour Customer Support: They offer 24/7 customer support, ensuring assistance is available at all times​ Citation​.
  5. Variety of Hosting Options: provides various hosting plans, including shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting, catering to diverse needs​ Citation​.
  6. Money-Back Guarantee: A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered, allowing customers to try their services with less risk​ Citation​.
  7. SEO-Focused Multiple IP Options: Their services include multiple IP hosting, a significant advantage for SEO-focused strategies​ Citation​.


  1. Frequent Downtime Issues: Some users have reported problems with frequent downtime, impacting websites that require consistent availability​ Citation​.
  2. Cost of Dedicated Server Hosting: The dedicated server hosting is noted to be expensive, potentially a concern for budget-sensitive users​ Citation​.
  3. Lack of Plesk Control Panel: The absence of the Plesk control panel could be a limitation for those who prefer it over other options like cPanel​ Citation​.
  4. Limited Control Panel Choices: The service primarily offers cPanel, which may not be suitable for all users' preferences​ Citation​.

Taking everything into account, we give a 3.5-star rating. They're doing well with the wide range of IP addresses and good hosting plans, especially if you need SEO help. With extra perks like getting along well with WordPress and letting you tweak your own settings, a lot of people might like what they see. Still, the problems that some people experienced, especially with the website going offline and the higher price for the top hosting plan, are something to keep in mind.

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐✨ (3.5 stars)

SEO Hosting Reviews - (2023)


  • Dedicated Class-C and Class-A IPs
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Free Migration Support
  • 24-Hour Customer Support
  • Range of Hosting Options
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Multiple IP Options for SEO


  • Frequent Downtime Complaints
  • Cost of Dedicated Server Hosting


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