cPanel Hosting Reviews - (2023)

We've taken another look at Bluehost to give you a fuller idea of what they have to offer, including more information and feedback from other users.

What Bluehost Offers

We have many options with Bluehost, like shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated server hosting. They work really well with WordPress, giving you tools and themes made just for that. When we tested a simple WordPress site on Bluehost, it loaded in under two seconds without any optimizations – that's really fast! They even kept up with a lot of traffic in other tests, though they were a tad slower for people outside the US but still less than a second, which is something to think about if you have a worldwide audience Citation.

They're also good at keeping your site safe with free SSL certificates, daily checks for problems, and secure storage on their dedicated servers. But when it comes to help from their team, people have had mixed experiences. Some say Bluehost was good for simple issues, but more complicated problems brought delays and frustrations Citation.

Costs and Their Sales Tactics

While Bluehost starts out affordable, the prices go up after the first time, and you have to sign up for three years to get the cheapest rate, which might not be okay for everyone. And they really try hard to sell more add-ons, which can be overwhelming Citation.

The Real Deal with Their Service

Some users have had good times with Bluehost's support, saying they were patient and helpful. This shows they can offer great help if you talk to the right person Citation.

But there are a lot of people unhappy with Bluehost as well. Long-time users are tired of the service getting worse, there are stories about server trouble causing bad downtime and trying to stop using Bluehost seems a lot trickier than it should be. People aren't happy about their Customer Support being outsourced since it can mean long waits and not getting the help you need [Citations: Host Advice, LearnAnet].

It's clear that Bluehost has to do better in supporting their customers, whether it's technical issues, communication, or even billing problems.

Final Thoughts

With all we've learned about Bluehost, from their good WordPress setup and initial good prices to the tough customer support experiences, we think a fair rating for them is 3.5 out of 5. They have a sturdy setup and lots of services to offer, but they'll need to fix their customer care and rethink some of their pricing and performance aspects. It's important to think about all of these things against your own needs and tech skills before you make a choice.

cPanel Hosting Reviews - (2023)


  • cPanel
  • Free SSL
  • Good WordPress Hosting


  • High Renewal Prices
  • No Free Domain
  • Unreliable Uptime
  • Long Support Wait Times
  • Same company as HostGator


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